Cis, Gay, He/Him.

Lollie is a singular millennial, established 1987, born and based in Australia. Multidisciplinary by nature, he does a little bit of mostly everything as the need arises. He doesn't recommend working like this.

I don't recommend the third-person thing either. I'm dropping that now.

My interests lay primarily in sci-fi and retro-futurism, as well as 1980's / 1990's visuals and technologies. I have a deep love for low-poly 3D — PlayStation, SuperFX, et al and I'm fascinated with the "what-ifs" of console history. I'm furry as hell, and I do my best to embrace cute bullshit. Own what you love.

I've wanted to create entertainment for as long as I've been capable of creating, and my pursuit of this has drawn me towards learning a catch-all of skillsets. Illustration, animation, music, video production. I've dabbled with 3D modelling, fiddled with programming, and fumbled my way towards a childhood dream of game development. I also do a little item photography from time to time.

I can't say I'm all that spectacular at any of it, but I'll be damned if I don't try my hardest.