Beastman Rhythm

Beastman Rhythm is what I'd consider my dream game: An extremely gay-charged rhythm/dating game, full of cute furry dudes.

This originally started as a fake game idea that grew out of a joke exchange between a friend and I, but the more I thought about it, the more it became something that I actually want to see exist. And so what better way to express that than with a concept poster!

Rhythm games require a solid soundtrack, and good dating sims require compelling characters and a fun story. Not to mention having to figure out how two completely different genres could ever intermingle in a way that's fulfilling and enjoyable. So if this idea even so much as scrapes the possibility of becoming real, it'll be due to a combination of budgets and miracles.

If you're a publisher desperately looking for someone to throw money at, know this: I accept signed blank cheques.