Meet Lycanlollie

Meet Lycanlollie, a mixed-up Lycanroc. A friend talked me into turning Lollie into a Pokémon, and I ended up liking this one a lot!

Embracing the fan-fiction factor, I envisioned Lycanlollie as a “Dawn” form evolution, the natural step between Lycanroc's Night and Day forms. His Pokédex is stolen goods, his intent for using it is dubious at best, and his evolution is completely made-up.

Or, well, it was made-up. One month after my original posting, by sheer coincidence, Pokémon Company revealed a new evolution in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Lycanroc's “Dusk” form, the natural step between its Day and Night forms.

Not only did Pokemon Co. and I manage to select opposite forms,
but their stances are total opposites as well. Talk about chances!

A small design note, the typeface for the “battle” screen was crafted specifically for this image set, based off the original Pokémon Red/Blue pixel font. I only created the letters that I needed, so the typeface is incomplete, but I will return to it eventually.

I'd like to revisit Lycanlollie someday. Explore his backstory as a Rockruff rapscallion, and how he became a Pokémon Trainer. In the meantime, other journeys await.