neGcon Input Display

This is a personal project that I put a couple weeks into, an input display for Namco's neGcon analog controller for the PS1. This is a fairly unique analog controller built specifically for racing games (namely, Namco's own Ridge Racer series), in that it has the ability to twist around its center, controlling analog left and right movement.

This is where the controller gets its name. ねじ, "neji" means "twist".

This functionality is something that couldn't be accurately conveyed through simple light-up button presses alone, making it necessary to model the controller in 3D.

As someone who enjoys watching speedruns and playthroughs, something I often miss is the ability to see what's actually happening at the controller level. It can be tough to know what's required to pull off certain tricks (especially in high-level gameplay, as is often the case with speedrunning), or how mistakes in gameplay have occurred.

In my case, it's more about the latter. Seeing a controller in play can be a great learning tool, along with simply being informative. And I love a good visual gimmick.