Silent Hill with Num & Lollie!

Two trudge through the treacherous town together! 🦁🦊💦

A gift animation for NumbersStation, chronicling our adventure through the original Silent Hill as I completed my first-ever playthrough of the game with him back in March 2021. I wanted to try and recapture the general feel of the experience, along with a couple notable events that happened during our run.

I also created the voice sounds and little action sound effects for Num and Lollie with the use of KORG's MonoPoly VST, along with recording and manipulating foley for the gamepad and the "BAD+" rating. The "Why!" at the end is a reference to the "Wooow~!" vocal sound from Parodius.

Check below for a quick video demonstrating the vocal sounds!

Funnily enough, in the time it took to complete this animation, we started and completed a playthrough of Silent Hill 2 together as well.