Credits Sequence for
"Lackadaisy: The Animated Short Film"

On the start of August 2022, I officially signed on as the motion graphics animator for Lackadaisy: The Animated Short Film, with the sole task of producing an animated credits sequence that would keep people watching through for the film's epilogue.

I worked alongside Lackadaisy's creator Tracy Butler & the film's director Fable Siegel to plan out the sequence, and they assisted with a number of bespoke assets — including the texture for the opening curtains and deco frames, and the painted storyboard and its cels — and provided access to the film's assets and special effects.

In the first week of September, my PC died with no path for repair. following the upgrade of its boot drive and two of its three storage drives. So I got myself set back up on my partner's laptop. And then two weeks later, my Work drive failed! The one drive that I had not yet upgraded, and thus hadn't backed up. And so with its failure, I had lost all of the work that I had done to that point, along with everything stored on the drive.

The majority of my personal work was thankfully on another drive, but there was still a countless amount of data that is now gone and unrecoverable.

Lesson learned: I purchased my first NAS, four hard-drives for RAID storage, and a subscription for a cloud storage service to back up everything from that point onward.

In October, I started over — This time in Blender. I spent a month refining the Animation & Clean-Up sequence: researching and modelling the animator table, figuring out the rig for the animation paper, the speed and trajectory that the paper should fall, testing whether the credits names would appear in-texture or composited into the scene.

My work on Lackadaisy was completed on March 21. I've heard an eight-second loop of the credits music so many times, it's carved a space in my mind forever. I did more 3D modelling and animation on this project alone than I've done in all of my previous works combined. It's been one of the most demanding yet creatively fulfilling projects that I've worked on in a long time, and I'm proud of the results.

Also, it was really cool to be a fly on the wall during compositing meetings and see all the new shots come together. When's the next movie happening?